Double-joint spring-strut front axle.

Thanks to intelligent use of lightweight aluminium, the double-joint spring-strut front axle delivers uniquely dynamic handling and highly responsive steering.

The BMW double-joint spring-strut front axle is constructed of aluminium, making it remarkably lightweight and minimising the unsprung mass of the vehicle. This intelligent use of aluminium leads to weight reductions of 30% compared to a similar axle made of steel.
The lighter front axle balances the axle load between front and back, delivering immediate results in the responsiveness of the suspension and steering systems. This is further enhanced by the highly rigid diagonal front axle subframe, which also carries the steering gears, track control arms and push bars, as well as the anti-roll bar.
Thanks to the well-designed axle and elastokinematic parameters, this double-jointed principle is an optimum strategy for reducing the effects of an uneven road surface on both the car and its steering.